Affiliate stats
The system’s backend, developed in-house, lets you build your own shop and set up hosting for it with just a few clicks. No programming skills are required whatsoever. Login into the affiliate area and make all the design and layout adjustments you may need. Build a custom product list, change product priority, customize prices, set up discounts, and modify site copy in as many as five languages. Choose from over 70 customizable settings for your shop and make it stand out and show rocking conversions. PharmCashUSA is a financially solid enterprise run by seasoned professionals with years of e-commerce experience. Operating several other affiliate programs, we employ a time-tested team of industry experts and our own call center. Costs and risks are significantly reduced due to direct contacts with manufacturers and acquiring banks. We at PharmCashUSA realize the utmost importance of no-fail payment processing which is by all means the most critical component of our business. We employ multiple merchant accounts brought together within a single cascading system. In-house transaction monitoring, anti-fraud analysis and customer support help maximize the percentage of successful transactions and bring down the chargeback and refund numbers drastically. Benefit from our award-winning real time statistics offering maximum information for your analysis and utmost ease of use. The system offers full breakdown by shops, orders, referrers, products, countries, keywords, browsers and more, as well as campaign features and other advantages. Set up notifications via email or SMS and get important updates immediately.